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Our wand display is a truly unique piece designed with you in mind. So you bought a wand or someone made one for you, perhaps you made your own. What do you do with it? For some of you, you'll keep it in the box or pouch it came in and tuck it onto a shelf or in a drawer. After many requests, we designed our hanging wand display. This product is made from solid cherry wood with hook and eye gold toned attachments. Our standard display comes with one top and one bottom that will hold one wand. Are you a wand collector with more than one wand? Maybe each member of your family has a wand? The wonderful aspect of this product is that it is expandable! You can buy additional bottoms to add to the top to give your wands a prominent place for displaying. The top of our wand display is customizable and we welcome you to contact us for your special display today!

Wand Display Insert

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